Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tripping chair.

It is placed next to a footpath. Sitter sits with legs tucked, reading a book.* Unsuspecting pedestrian approaches. At last second, sitter extends lower leg. Success!

*Updated method: As reading a book in public may seem suspicious, sitter may choose to tweet on a handheld device.

I am sitting on a tripping chair. Someone is approaching...tee hee.


Karen said...

Someone is spending a leeetle too much time with the munchins lately??

Thanks, now you have ruined walks in the park for me - I will no longer be able to look up at trees and birds, and will have to watch out for sneaky trippers!

spinyurchin said...

Wow. You are *so* fiendish.

Hugh Griffith said...

Hey now, I don't trip. I merely report.

Garden Lily said...

Thanks for the good chuckle.