Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well yellowed.

The Ginkgo biloba at Paulik Park is near peak colour. It has turned faster than last year; on October 27/08, it was still quite green. The tree last year, with additional Ginkgo-facts.

Ginkgos are not uncommon ornamental trees here. They do well, but grow slowly.

The Paulik tree is is one of the largest in Richmond. Perhaps the largest?


James David said...

gingko have a healing property.
I had taken some of them in a capsule and it did good.
Never knew that they turn yellow.

Karen said...

There are two across the street and we always admire them. They are crazy bright yellow at the moment, but I don't have a comparison from last year to see if it's earlier here too. Good for you for paying such close attention, as is your way.

Hugh Griffith said...

Thanks Karen. I always look at the same things, year after year. Maybe I have a subconscious list of things to check. The blog makes it relatively easy to go back and compare.

Dave Ingram said...

Love the colour and composition in the first image. I've always liked ginkos, would be nice to have one in our yard.