Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back for another year.

There is at least one Anna's Hummingbird at Paulik Park in Richmond. One or more overwintered there last year, despite the very harsh weather of December and January. This species has been spreading north from its historical southern range for many years, and is becoming a winter resident in many localities in BC.

They were absent from the park during the breeding season. It's odd to think of their return as a sign of winter, but that's what it is.


Earl Cootie said...

We saw far more ANHUs than RUHUs this summer, but now that the weather has turned there's a nonstop flow of ANHUs to the feeder.

Hugh said...

I wonder if some are repeats from last year. Your part of Seattle must be a hotbed of ANHUs. How fun.

Karen said...

We have them here too (also Seattle), year-round. I have read that they go dormant when it gets too cold. I am happy that at least some of my rosemary survived last winter, as they seem to enjoy the blue flowers when not much else is on offer.