Sunday, November 22, 2009

Goose City.

This year's most delectable sports fields are at Garden City Elementary School in central Richmond. I feel sorry for the kids, and for whoever is responsible for cleaning the floors. The geese were there most of the weekend, and it is next to impossible to traverse the field, even along the paved pathways, without soiling one's shoes.

A wider angle to give a better sense of the extent of the flock. It pretty-much wrapped around you, you, the gooseless vertex. I estimated approximately 10,000.

Then suddenly, whoof! In a split second they all took off, screaming. (They don't honk like Canadas, have much shriller voices.) That was a Whoaa moment. It was an eagle flopping over that put them up, but what was surprising was how instantaneous it was, as if they were psychically connected.

They wheeled around a few times and settled back down. The eagle was gone, and there was plenty of sodden sod left to mine.

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