Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Another storm is closing in, maybe the strongest of the season so far. 50-70 mm rain is predicted for overnight, with high winds gusting to who-knows-what.

The basketball net blew over in the previous blow. Its base is packed with gravel, so it takes a fair amount of force to do that. I decided to leave it there, wait for wind to come from another direction and set it back upright. Not possible you think. Well, once my friend's large avocado tree was uprooted in a hurricane. When the eye passed and the wind swung around, the tree was replanted, good as new.

I'll let you know.


swamp4me said...

We feel for you. We just experienced a nor'easter - 8 to 11 inches of rain in our area and some nasty winds to go with it. All triggered by the remnant energy provided by Ida.

Stay dry!

Garden Lily said...

I wouldn't bet on the BB hoop self-righting, since it doesn't have any roots in the ground, as a tree might. But if you wait until Spring, at least you only need to heave it back once, whereas if you right it now, you may need to repeat that a few more times before the Winter is over.

Hugh said...


November is usually the rainiest month here. Almost never a single event as dramatic as a hurricane, but the cumulative effect of storm after storm becomes a bit wearing. Especially when the roof needs fixing.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed.