Friday, November 20, 2009


This past summer was an exceptional fruiting season. Tree-fruits remain plentiful -hawthorn, crabapple, mountain ash, Cotoneaster. Perhaps this is why, at least until a few days ago, there were still Cedar Waxwings wheezing through the neighbourhood. They usually disappear at some point in the fall, wandering southward, and don't become conspicuous again until late spring. We'll see if the wind and rain have driven them away. (When/if the wind and rain decide to stop.)


spinyurchin said...

Oooh. My favourite! I will have to do regular checks on my neighbour's Hawthorne tree... I'm sure they love it when I stand on my front steps and peer at their place with binoculars from two doors down.

Hugh said...

Ha. Yes, being taken for a Peeping Tom is one of the hazards of birding in suburbia.