Monday, November 30, 2009

Pods in the wind.

We woke up to heavy rain showers, with strong wind from the south. Mid-morning that weather system got shouldered aside by high pressure, whose even stronger winds are from the west. Walking home from the store I spied these large, curly black pods whipping around. They reminded me of Typhlonectes, aquatic caeclians that tie themselves into communal knots if kept together in aquaria.

But all they are is pods in the wind.

(Honey locust, I think.)


randomtruth said...

You're not in Kansas anymore Hugh. But watch out for tornadoes none-the-less.

Hugh said...

RT: Ha. Glad someone got it. But now every time I walk past that tree I'll be hearing that song.

Karen said...

Now that song is stuck in my head, thanks a bunch. Curse of growing up in the 70s, total recall of way too many earworm-ish songs. Wacky about the floating pods!