Sunday, November 1, 2009

Southern spirit.

If you take a plant from one relatively extreme latitude, and fling it across the equator to the corresponding extreme, will it carry ancestral spring in its DNA,

and thus bloom in the autumn of its new home?

If so, that would seem a dirty trick.

In any case, South African native Schizostylis coccinea is blooming in Canada now.


Karen said...

Is this the one that has a bad name that starts with a K? Maybe we should make up a new one. I didn't know that was a perjorative until I was on a botanical garden tour recently and the docent wouldn't say it. Luckily, I have never uttered the word, thinking I would not pronounce it correctly.

Hugh said...

I don't know whatever the naughty name is the docent wouldn't say. The common name I know it as is crimson flag.