Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vanilla & pine.

Here's a pretty sky from November 2008. No such luck this year. November 2009 has been a curmudgeon, stealing all leaf colour, contributing none of its own.

Last night the power went out, fortunately just after I had finished cooking dinner. Over the years, due mostly to irrationally exuberant pumpkin-carving, our supply of sensible emergency candles has been depleted. We had to dig around in cupboards and closets to assemble an array of glittery, oddly-shaped gift candles. One of them weighs at least five pounds and sits in a large glass vase with a pedestal. I have never seen it before. Today our house smells like vanilla and pine.

The power is back on, but the wind is picking up again and there's another heavy rainfall warning. So the candles, in their massive, oddly-shaped glitteriness, are staying put.

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spinyurchin said...

Using emergency candles for been there...