Sunday, December 13, 2009


After testing the strength of ice with the tools at hand, and finding it robust, some might then proceed to the next test. The big test. In anticipation of this course of action, signs have been placed around the pond.

I like the signs for two reasons. The first is the brilliant primary colours on a stark white background. In a world of grey and brown, they are eye-catching, cheerful even. The picture almost looks as though a text box has been digitally plopped down onto the scene. (It hasn't; note the tiny staples in the sign.)

The second reason is the wording. It is gently indirect. Not alarmist, "DANGER!" or the overbearing "KEEP OFF!" It merely suggests something to consider.



PSYL said...

Psh, gulls...always trying to defy science.

Karen said...

You can't tell a gull what to do, especially where food is concerned. Actually, I have been worrying about the water birds who are not used to contending with ice. I hope they are finding enough to eat! As for humans who would step on ice where it doesn't usually form, I won't even start.

Amber Coakley said...

Ha! This post made me smile. I've been enjoying your site - here visiting again after HoH #1.