Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas cookie.

Tree cookie on a bed of parsley, recently droopified by cold weather.

We put up the tree today. Well, I did; the children stood poised with ornaments, ready to lunge as soon as it stopped moving.

This year's tree is a Douglas fir, about 7 feet, a perfect tree-lot tetrahedron. I miss the misshapen wild-cut balsam firs of childhood. There were always gaps, dangerous places for action figures to battle on Christmas morning.

The tree cookie will join the others in the garage. Months from now, as I pull a box from a shelf, it will fall to the ground and roll under the car. Some time after that, after she has driven into the garage, my wife will ask me why there is a cross-section of a small tree in the middle of the floor.



Randy Emmitt said...

Never heard of a tree cookie. Seems like a great ideal to save them to remember the trees.

kaholly said...

Your sense of humor, Hugh, is delightful. Merry Christmas!

Karen said...

I like that you keep the tree cookies. If you have a drill handy, can you put a hole into the top of each one and turn them into kid-painted ornaments? Or are they being saved for some other purpose? Our parsley looks like that too, although interestingly the Italian kind seems to have survived better. Happy Merry!

Camera Trap Codger said...

Weird man! I've got a tree cookie collection too. After I count the rings I write it down on the cookie with the species name and date. This year we have a Charlie Brown tree-an incense cedar cut on our lot. Just gummed up the belt sander polishing the round. Great minds think alike.

Kim and Victoria said...


Hugh said...

Randy, I'm not sure where the name came from, but we've always called them that. They are very appealing, hard to toss out.

KaHolly, thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Karen, they are perhaps a bit too thick to hang on a tree, but given a chance, I'm sure the kids would decorate them. Merry Happy!

CTC, You are a better curator than I am. The most handsome ones I keep in my office. The others are in the garage. It's funny, but once I saw one off a tree, I can't simply throw it out. It is too attractive, and biological, to go into the garbage.

Kim & Victoria, Merry Christmas!