Monday, December 21, 2009

Green Christmas.

The Cladonia called to me as I was washing the breakfast dishes. Well, not called as much as glowed. It looked luminous against the rain-darkened cedar fence.

I went outside and took some pictures. I've never seen Cladonia on the fence before.

Meanwhile the children, off school, are watching Dad out the window.

"Why is he lying on the grass?"

"He's taking a picture of the fence."

"Why is he doing that?"

"He takes pictures of weird stuff."



Cicero Sings said...

Obviously 'tis the season ... for Cladonia to shine!! Nice you got up close and personal with it.

Tim said...

I always thought those exotic plant-like organisms I saw in E.T. were made up. Thanks for the reality check. I expect you to tell me next that the wrinkled extra-terrestrial creature with an extendable neck is real as well.

Dave said...

Nice image Hugh, great time of year for lichen.

I get the same running commentary when out for a walk with Jocie and the kids. Alden always used to ask "Where's Daddy?," now he knows better and answers his own questions "Where's Daddy? Daddy is taking a photo, oh no."

Amber Coakley said...

My first thought when I saw your picture was that they were nails that had gained a patina. Very, very cool - I would have take a picture too, but not known the ID.

randomtruth said...

Shrek horns! There's always time for lichens. :)

Hugh said...

Aliens, bent nails, Shrek horns! I like Shrek horns best. No one mentioned golf tees.

Karen said...

Green enoki mushrooms? What is the function of this particular part of the lichen? Is it akin at all to a flower? My botany is sorely lacking.