Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ignoring human, keeping warm.

On a clear, cold day, I came across this Cooper's Hawk sitting grandly in the sunshine. (Same bird as here, I'm pretty sure.) As before, she didn't seem to care that I was nearby. I think she was trying to catch as many photons as possible, while maintaining a nice thick boundary layer of air within her feathers. Note how fluffed-up she is.

Nevertheless, she had still managed find a perch in which it wasn't possible to obtain a totally branch-free portrait.

Unrelated note: I have had to activate the word recognition step in Comments. Yes, spam.


Dave Ingram said...

One word Hugh - Photoshop.

Nice photograph even with the branches. I'm still struggling to get some good close images of birds at our feeders/patio. Needless to say, I'm doing a lot of cropping!

Carol said...

Sure looks like a Coopers hawk to me ... you can learn some interesting facts about this beautiful creature here

Great shot branches or not. Carol

Karen said...

I like the way the branches in the first shot make a "frame" for the hawk. And in the second one, it looks like the one to her right is a long pointy hand reaching out to tickle those fluffy feathers. Sorry about the Spam. I was getting some for a while but it rarely gets through the Wordpress filter or my comments approval thing. Guess Blogger is different

Hugh said...

Dave, Oh, I can crop with the best of them, but I have trouble removing things from on top of other things. Good luck with your feeder pics; I had to take ours down. Rats.

Carol, thanks.

Karen, I like the framing too, except for that one branch that sticks up from below. Being fussy, I suppose.

I only recently started getting spam through comments, usually connected to the same two posts from long ago. Adding the word recognition seems to have solved it--for now.