Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Lions.

Today was another clear, cold day, providing a chance to go for a ride among the blueberry fields. I have probably taken the above picture half a dozen times. It's one of few views of the Lions that doesn't include the rude intrusion of a cell phone tower.

I rode until my eardrums gently ached. Ahh, sunshine.


Christine B. said...

Great photo, reminds me of the scenery where I live. Our blueberry are long since eaten and leaves shed though.

Cheers from Alaska,

Christine B.

Sally said...

Stunning photo, Hugh!

Hugh said...

Hi Christine. It's nice to hear from the real north!

Thanks, Sally. I think it's probably pretty tame terrain compared to where you live.

Helen said...

So beautiful. One day, the Rockies! I've seen just about every other part of Canada, but the closest I've come to the Rockies has been Edmonton.