Friday, December 18, 2009

Prettified ugliness.

Uglified prettiness.

In between rainshowers I took what I intended to be a quick walk to Garden City Park. The water in the pond has been partially drained to make room for expected winter run-off, and the variety of waterfowl has decreased with the water level. Mallards, two very shy Green-winged Teal, and this non-commuting (vs. these) Glaucous-winged Gull, making a mess of what had once been an attractive koi, were about all today had to offer.

I followed a path through the woods and came across a large purse (Louis Vuitton knock-off), obviously stolen. Most of its contents were strewn about and water-logged, including cheque-books, uncashed cheques, letters, and family pictures. Inside there was a garage door opener and several vials of prescription drugs. I phoned the police (non-emergency) to inform them of my find. The operator asked if I could gather it all up and take it to the police station. She assumed I was driving. As is often the case (i.e., when I'm not cycling), I was on foot. I told her I was walking, and too far away. She transferred me to a police officer, who hemmed and hawed and tried to find an available cop. I could hear her typing. Eventually I said, "Okay, don't bother, I'll bring it to the station."

I stuffed everything back inside. It was so full that I suspect I may have included bonus items. Perhaps this theft-midden had been the result of more than one crime.

I then marched along a busy road, clutching my bulging Louis Vuitton knock-off purse. Along the way, I saw two instances of crows pecking at the stiffened corpses of dead rats (uglified ugliness). People would be more than amazed to learn how many rats live in this city.

I brought the purse into the station and plopped it (and it did go, "plop") on the counter. The counter-lady asked for my driver's license. I love when I tell people I don't have one, that blank expression.

I signed a form stating I relinquished any claim on the soggy purse and its contents.

My short walk was now approaching a two-hour trek. I took the shorter, less scenic route home, but paused to photograph an example of prettified ugliness:

Electrical boxes.


To the lady whose purse was stolen, Merry Christmas. I hope you get your stuff back.


PSYL said...

Hope Santa will bring you something nice for that act of kindness. One more week to go.

I am hoping for a nice weather tomorrow so that I can go out and wildlife watch again. Have a nice weekend!

randomtruth said...

Nice job prettifying the ugliness of life that the Louis V Lady musta experienced Hugh.


Hugh said...

I hope you have a good weekend too, PSYL, thanks. I look forward to your photos.

Ken, Thanks. It's always satisfying to return lost/stolen things to their owners.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

What a great guy you are to go out of your way like that. Happy holidays.

Hugh said...

Thanks, Aunt Deb. Merry Christmas.

Marnie said...

Good for you. I'm sure the owner will be happy to get her things (and maybe a few bonus items) back, and to know there are still good people out there.

Happy holidays!

Kim and Victoria said...

That's so nice of you, and quite the effort. I can just imagine the look you get for no driver's license!