Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weather layers.

I can see from an upstairs window that the western end of the island has not yet escaped the blanket of fog that until an hour or so ago also had us engulfed. It melted away, and look what the hidden sky contained.

A radiation of cirrus clouds from the north. A rare sight here, where the sky tends to switch between heavy cloud and cloudless blue.


Hugh said...

20 minutes later, the fog came back, making the mares'tails seem like a hallucination.

PSYL said...

You didn't hallucinate. I was waiting at a bus stop at Richmond Centre...watching the cirrus clouds. Then fog appeared out of nowhere, and now the city is covered with fog again.

Karen said...

Interesting that cirrus are a rarity near you. We have them a lot here in Seattle, as I am learning now that my 1st grader is doing a weather unit at school.