Saturday, January 2, 2010

First backyard birds of oh-ten.

I was awakened by vees of Lesser Snow Geese flying above the house. They are not quiet. They were on their way to Walter Lee School in central Richmond to eat the soccer field. I leaned out the window to take a picture of the west end of an east-going vee.

Below in a tree, looking up at birds much larger than itself, was a Sharp-shinned Hawk. It eventually dived at a flicker that easily avoided it and flew up into a tangled birch. The hawk disappeared in the cedars.

Pretty good way to start this year's backyard bird list.

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Karen said...

Ha! I hope the soccer field recovers, eventually. Can you imagine playing a game amidst all that goose poop? Ew. Sharpie vs. flicker, I wouldn't want to take bets on that one. That must have been one hungry hawk! Yes, a good start to the birding year.