Sunday, January 24, 2010

Local mountains.

Fraser River, upstream from Lulu Island.

We went for a walk at the eastern tip of Lulu Island, a triangle of land known as Port Royal, which is part of the city of New Westminster. It was about as cold as the picture suggests, with a bone-chilling wind whipping down the the river. The mountains show both soft and clear on days like this, with low winter light and a high, heavy overcast. On other days, you would not know they were there. When I first moved to Vancouver, during a typical rainy winter, I kept asking my wife, who grew up here, where the mountains were. It's amazing that things so immense can hide so easily.

Skytrain crossing from Surrey to New Westminster.

The Lions, southern slope of Vancouver, and Lulu Island.

We returned west across the island's central highway, through farmland that covers its eastern half. I pulled the mountains closer with a telephoto lens.

This last image shows the mountains backing North Vancouver and West Vancouver. The depression on the left is Cypress Bowl, which is where the Olympic snow-boarding and free-style skiing events are to be held in a few weeks. It is presently snow-challenged. Persistent warm temperatures and heavy rain have taken away much of what fell in late autumn. If necessary, runs will be constructed using hay bales, which will be covered with snow carted down from higher up.


swamp4me said...

Very pretty, but they make me want to put on a sweater.

Wanderin' Weeta said...

"... using hay bales ..."

Somehow that brings to mind the old KJV; "... wood, hay and stubble ..." as a metaphor for worthless effort.

*Trying not to laugh; after all, they just might get snow, if they do the proper snow dances and all.

Garden Lily said...

I'm hoping & praying for the temperature to drop a bit, so some of the rain in the next couple of weeks will translate to snow on Cypress. I'd be happy to give up the warm temperatures for a little while, in favour of some real snow for those Olympic events. It is good to hear that Whistler has a good snow base and snow conditions at the moment.