Saturday, January 16, 2010

Robins who stare at flickers.

Last week, on a cold day before the weather turned into a tropical monsoon, I came across the above scene. Two Northern Flickers were lying pressed against a large branch of a birch, almost motionless. They seemed to be trying to absorb whatever heat radiated from the weak, southern sun.

Two or three at a time, American Robins landed near the flickers and stared at them. Then, satisfied, or bored, or frustrated, they flew away to be replaced by others from a sizable flock that was foraging in a nearby holly hedge.

No flickers were induced to fall off the branch. Robins are handsome, but not that handsome.


Cindee said...

What an interesting interaction. I wonder what they were thinking?

KaHolly said...

Such odd behavior! Makes you wonder.

Marvin said...

One does wonder what the robins were up to.

Pablo said...

Cute conclusion.