Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blue no more.

Anyone who has paid an inordinate amount of attention to this blog over the past several months may recall that in late October an enthusiastic crow ripped a few ridge caps from the roof of our garage. This was just before the rainy season set in with a vengeance. I immediately contacted a highly recommended roofer, who agreed to redo all the ridge-caps on the house, but said it would have to wait for a dry spell, and oh yeah, there was a queue. It would take about 14 rain-free days. In the meantime, the garage would have to wear the Blue Badge of Procrastination, a tarp.

So we waited what seemed to be 14 rain-free days (it's not always clear whether a day is rain-free or not), which took us to near Christmas. And then came frost. Nope, can't go on a cedar roof during frost.

And so we waited. The tarp would luff in the wind, testing the twine that held it down.

Eventually, I phoned again. The guy said, "To tell you the truth, we have too many jobs right now. We probably won't get there before the new year."

So I tried another roofer. A estimator came a few days later, and a few days after that we received an estimate. It was acceptable. "Go ahead," I said. We paid a deposit.

"Well, there's a queue," the scheduling lady said. "About 10-15 rain-free days." This was early January. After a couple weeks of relatively decent weather, I called for an update. "About 5-10 rain-free days." I waited at least that long, and yesterday called again. I was transferred to the man who sends the crews out.

He said, "I have no record of this job. Can I call you back?"

I must mention that in the meantime, I had two reputable roofers come to the door, having seen the tarp whilst driving past, and offer to fix the roof. One said, "I can do it tomorrow." If not for the deposit paid, I would have taken him up on it.

The man called back. Apparently the work order had been misfiled. He was extremely apologetic. He said a crew would be here on Wednesday.

What a surprise. They came a day early.


Karen said...

Whew, what a saga! All because of that darn crow. My parents have a cedar shake roof, I'll have to ask them if they've had the same problem. Glad it's finally fixed!!

Kyna said...

Haha, I could just imagine the language that would be coming out my husband's mouth if the roofers had done that to him lol. I hope that your problem gets fixed soon!

Kim and Victoria said...

Great story. Bet you wish it was just that, a story.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Glad you got that fixed. There are few things more exasperating than waiting for a tradesperson to show up to a job they committed to doing weeks ago. Perhaps you should establish a landing strip for crows somewhere else on your property. :-)

Pablo said...

Down here in the states I've heard that color referred to as "FEMA blue," for the Federal Emergency Management Association. They must have part of the market cornered for those blue tarps because that's what goes on the roofs of houses and buildings in most disasters. That's all people tend to see, so they consider FEMA to be inept, but I'm sure there is plenty of other work it does that isn't so evident.