Monday, February 22, 2010

February plums.

Indian plum (Oemleria) is one of the first shrubs to flower here on the south coast, usually in early March, although this year being what it is, i.e., ridiculously warm, it is opening in mid-February. It is a native plant that produces small, peach-coloured, plum-like fruits that ripen to dark purple. They are edible, but bitter. Robins don't seem to mind.

Ornamental plums (Prunus) are also in bloom, providing chances for clichéd photos of blossoms against blue sky, which I am not afraid to take.

White ones. Eventually produce these fruit.

And here, pink ones.


randomtruth said...

Nice. Our Cali oso berry hit full bloom before Feb this year - amazing.

Karen said...

I never noticed Indian Plum until last fall, and now I am seeing it everywhere. I need to get a few, I think, it seems lovely in many seasons. Yes, our street too is awash in pinkness. Blue sky + flowering trees = heaven.

Kim and Victoria said...

Lovely. Spring will be here before we know it!