Friday, February 19, 2010


Snow goose flash mob. They start coming, as if out of nowhere. Suddenly you are surrounded by thousands of bleating waterfowl. The mob eats, poops, and leaves.

Starling ugly mob. Can gobble a block of suet down to the bones in a matter of minutes.

Wigeon panicked mob. Post-prandial reverie interrupted by a low-flying harrier.

Snow geese are terrifically organized. They can outmob anyone.


Victoria said...

Bleating? Terrific adjective!

Tim said...

What I love about snowgeese mobs (and probably other birds) is that a few flying high overhead at altitude will change direction when they see their brethren and coast down in formation. It's the ultimate airshow.

Hugh said...

Victoria, I'm not sure that's the right word, but they really don't honk.

Tim, I agree. I love watching them do that. It sort of shows in the first picture especially.