Friday, February 26, 2010

Not shy.

Above the tourists and other strollers on the River Road dyke, an eagle pair courts loudly.

First one sings its shrill, bubbling song.

And then they sing together.


Kim and Victoria said...

Wow! Nice pics!
Everyone so often we'll see some bald eagles around here, if we're down by the river. But we've never managed such great pics.

Hugh said...

Thanks. It's very easy to get reasonably nice pictures here. The eagles are especially plentiful in winter, and there are several nests within the city that provide great viewing opportunities.

KaHolly said...

Makes me smile! Wish I was there to see. ~karen

Karen said...

I have never thought of eagle calls as being songs, but I suppose they are in their way. Mostly they sound like shrieks to me! Never seen a pair "singing" together - don't suppose you could post a video with audio? Nifty shots!