Sunday, February 21, 2010

Painting the town orange.

Can you guess the nationality of these cyclists? Another hint: the Richmond Speed-skating oval is about a mile down the dyke.

Yes, the Dutch are crazy for speed-skating. The stands at the oval are a sea of orange when their skaters are competing.

The Dutch brought with them hundreds of bicycles that can be borrowed for free. They look practical and comfy for urban commuting. I haven't had a chance to try one out.

The Dutch Pavilion is in central Richmond, near the city hall. The Heineken House opens at 9 AM, and serves coffee for $4, and beer for $3. Something to consider before borrowing a bike.


Sue Swift said...

Bet they don't have a view like that at home though.

Victoria said...

Beer is cheaper than coffee? I'm not sure if those priorities are mixed up, or just right.

Karen said...

That is super cool. Not sure how that orange color blends in with the surroundings... a little loud, like the screaming fans. Crazy that it's all happening in your backyard! Do the Dutch fans outnumber the snow geese at this point? I hope their bathroom habits are more polite, if so!

Eskarina said...

I was lucky enough to borrow one of the Dutch bikes for a group ride a couple of weeks ago. They are solid, comfortable bikes, and I would buy one if I could. The nice man from Dutch rail, who gave a great talk at city hall on integrating cycling with public transportation (namely Dutch rail), said that such a bike costs them app. $250 Canadian. They have no gears, and you pedal back to stop. Low maintance, and perfectly practical in flat places like Richmond, and Holland. I love having so many cyclists around town - I feel a lots less lonely!