Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weather trumps art.

It's a bit hard to make out from ground level, but those are giant Olympic rings beneath a giant maple leaf. They were not meant to be placed on a soccer field. They were meant to float in the Fraser River, adjacent to the speed-skating oval.

But unfortunately, the early snowmelt throughout the south province has caused to the river to flow much faster than is usual for this time of year, and much of the silty river bottom has been washed away, making anchoring this creation impossible. Disappointing, considering the work that went into it.

The artwork was intended to highlight Richmond's most famous agricultural product:


The rings and maple leaf are filled with millions of cranberries.

They are in Brighouse Park, across the road from Richmond City Hall.


PSYL said...

Hooray!....I mean...No!

I'm hoping it's the first of the many failures of the Olympics...I mean, successes...hmmm.

Karen said...

Oh, chalk another one up for global warming. Wow, all of those cranberries - will they go to waste? Or can the Wigeons eat them??

Amber Coakley said...

So many cranberries! I hope they don't go to waste, especially since they can't be displayed as planned.

ksdoolittle said...

Kind of a waste of cranberries, isn't it? And, subsequently, money. I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers to construct this failed attempt. ~ks

Hugh said...

Once cranberries are wet, and relatively warm, they quickly rot, so I doubt these will end up as anything other than compost. I don't know if there was a glut this year or what--that is a heck of a lot of berries.

Victoria said...

I saw this on the ctv broadcast - I think it's beautiful, and a neat way to show Richmond's cranberry harvest... I had to explain to everyone in my house that you can actually grow cranberries in Richmond! Too bad they couldn't display it as they had originally planned.