Friday, February 5, 2010

A week to go.

The Winter Olympics start a week today. The speed-skating oval in Richmond is ready and waiting for Stephen Colbert and other athletes. This is the view from half a mile downstream, along the Middle Arm of the Fraser River. Note the swooping roof line, with its digitate edges. It is meant to emulate the form of a heron's wings.

And again from a bit farther away on a sunnier day. Mountains have mysteriously arisen in the background.


Victoria said...

Oh, that's quite neat about the heron's wings, I never knew that! I can see it now that you've pointed it out.

Karen said...

Ah, Olympic Fever. Well, I used to have it, before I realized everyone is a doper. Same thing with pro cycling. Can't watch any of it anymore, too depressing to think about who is cheating and figuring most/all are at that level. I hope Vancouver gets something good out of all the hoopla. Did any snow ever fall at Whistler?

Hugh said...

Victoria, I hope you soon have a chance to see the place up close, if you haven't already. It's a neat building. We were having a jolly time skating there until they closed it to the public.

Karen, The best part of it is that happy people from everywhere are suddenly all over the place. Whistler is rich with snow. The problem is the one alpine-event site in Greater Vancouver, which is now, in this record-breaking warm spell, desperate for snow, which is being trucked in from hundreds of miles away. Dump trucks full of snow.