Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caught a Weimaraner.

It started with spaghetti. "Anyone want parmesan?" I held up the cheese next to the grater.

"No, it's stinky!"

A lightbulb went on above my head. A hunk of parmesan would be excellent rat bait. The rats have returned to the neighbourhood, and so far have managed either to ignore the bait (dried apricot or grape), or lick it off the trigger without setting off the trap (peanut butter). Parmesan is too stinky to be resisted, and firm enough that a rat would really have to work at it to get it free.


After dinner, I put the trap next to the fence, along the rats' nightly route.

Half an hour later I looked out the window. A plank had fallen from the fence. I stepped out the back door, and...


Do you remember a dog food commercial that featured the line, "Dogs love cheese"?

Well, they really do. Enough to rip the baseboard off a fence, and push a plank out to get at it. This is Jade, our neighbours' dog, in our yard. Fortunately, in knocking out the plank she set off the trap, thus avoiding a painful nose boo-boo.

Here's something: It is difficult to stuff a full-grown Weimaraner back through a gap in a fence.

She ran around the yard a bit, entertaining the kids, and kept sitting down at unpredictable times. It turns out she is trained to hand signals, and we were inadvertently instructing her to sit. She's a good dog.

And she loves cheese. She really does.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

How funny. Can just see y'all trying to stuff her through the fence.

ksdoolittle said...

Very entertaining story. I love how one never knows where your stories will lead! ~ks

biobabbler said...


Kimberly said...

LOL! This is GREAT! :)

Dave Ingram said...

We spotted a very healthy rat coming and going from underneath our wood shed this week so the ol' Victor is out today with peanut butter (we're amateurs at this) so we'll see what happens - had to watch a Youtube video to figure out how to set it without breaking a thumb. Our newspaper delivery guy told me he saw a "chipmunk" or squirrel in our front flower bed this week ... I'm betting that he saw our new freeloader since chipmunks aren't found on Vancouver Island.

Dave said...

Our rat has now moved on to the big garbage bin in the sky. Victor is victorious.

Hugh said...


Yay Victor, but is there ever only one? You may want to redeploy for a bit.