Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dyke-hike hodge-podge.


I am watched as I wait for a heron to raise its head from preening.


The picture not meant to be. Just before I took this picture, a male American Robin was perched next to this Remembrance Day poppy someone pinned to an ancient cedar stump. Red beside red. The bird flew as I aimed to focus. I didn't see the mushrooms until I downloaded the image.

C-17 Globemaster III at YVR.

I am a science boy.
I grew up on dinosaurs,
A million different species of birds, and aircraft.

Source: "It" from Melville. Rheostatics, 1991.

Red alder catkins.

And now you may sneeze. Today's pollen count. Red alder = 99 grains/cubic metre (high). Birch = 67 grains/cubic metre (moderate). Pass the antihistamines.


Dave Coulter said...

A nice series of shots. I like the cat and the poppy. :)

Garden Lily said...

The alder makes me shudder, and hope for lots of rain - at night - to clear out the pollen. But a couple of years ago, I discovered eye drops (Patanol) and nose spray (Nasonex) which acts so much more quickly & effectively than any antihistamines I've ever tried (and doesn't wreck the rest of your body!). I'd highly recommend these to anyone suffering from allergies.