Saturday, March 6, 2010

Familiar wingtips.

They (the Lesser Snow Geese) are still about in large numbers. Here they are spread over the entire large field at Terra Nova in Richmond. Earlier on in winter, shortly after arrival, they clumped together nervously in whichever field/school yard was the meal du jour, but at this late date they basically own the place and go wherever they want. They allow you to walk/cycle among them, scarcely raising a goosey eyebrow.

I was standing on the trail across the ditch from the field as they started taking off.

They flew overhead, very close.

And then closer still. Perhaps a little too close.

In not too long, they should be on their way back to desolate Siberia. Their peregrination cycle is a story of twice-yearly culture shock.


KaHolly said...

I've only seen one snow goose, once. And it was a lot of work!! How I would love to be there when they are all taking off like that. Wow!

Kyna said...

Jeez, they look like they buzzed you pretty close O_O