Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Branches with bird.

I generally try to bike out to Terra Nova once a week to collect pictures of herons and whatever else is new or different. Today was to be the day. Unfortunately, around 8 AM this morning a strong northwest wind picked up. It seems to want to continue for a while. Biking into the wind--a cold wind-- (for I must go north and west to get to Terra Nova; Terra Nova is the northwest corner of this island) is no fun, so I decided to stay home and do mundane things. (The bathrooms are sparkling!)

Were I at Terra Nova, I might be looking at something comparable to what is shown in the image above, which was taken there two weeks back.

I expect the wind will relent just before it's time to pick up the kids.


Crafty Gardener said...

awesome eagle photo, I have a similar one taken when we were on vacation out there

Karen said...

It always works that way. Here the sun stayed hidden until I had hours of indoor things to do, despite being predicted for Monday when I had more time available for outside enjoyment.

Oh, first reports of potential summer drought here stemming from the too-warm spring. Same thing for you guys? I knew we shouldn't be enjoying this weather too much...

Hugh said...

Crafty,Thanks. That particular bird is very used to people, and will perch next to a well-used footpath.

Karen, I heard on the news this AM that there is some worry the snowpack is too low, and the reservoirs may not receive enough runoff. It's always something. I say, enjoy!

lisa said...

I never get tired of seeing eagles!