Monday, March 15, 2010

Mergansers in the murk.

At least I think they're probably mergansers, Red-breasted Mergansers to be specific--that little antline on the far side of the river. I didn't notice them at the time. I was taking a picture of the radar ball at Vancouver Airport (See that mysterious sphere?) whilst waiting for the participants in the monthly bird walk to show up. It was such a dreary, drizzly day I was surprised that anyone came. But they were brave souls and we persevered, and even saw some birds.


JP said...

although it's dreary and hard to make out, I think this might be the best photo I've seen today. Thanks for sharing it!

Karen said...

How can you spot their species at that distance? I am in awe. The hovering sphere is very spooky. I'm glad people showed up despite the icky weather and got what they came for (bird sightings).

Hugh said...

JP, Thanks!

Karen, I liked the spookiness of the sphere too. I think they're mergansers because they are often there at this time of year, and tend to swim in lines like that.