Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring blossom tide continues.

Another early bird: Magnolia stellata opening about 10 days ahead of last year.

And a flowering quince, Chaenomeles something, always early. I don't know how its timing compares to years with real winters.

And more pretty plums. There was one of these on the University of Toronto campus that I called the May 1 bush, because that's about when it opened. Now it would be silly to compare here with there, and I don't keep records that would allow me to claim that this too is an early flowering, but wow, things are in bloom - and seemingly more fully than in other years. Some streetscapes here make you stop and stare. Or they should.

Here are pictures of somewhere in Richmond by PSYL (the first two are of trees; the others are bird shots, not relevant to this post but very nice nonetheless).


Becca's Dirt said...

Your spring blossoms are beautiful. Don't ya just love it and stand in awe when the tree is loaded with buds and little green leaves. My peach tree is in bud and some green at the tips. I am looking forward to the blossoms as they are breathtaking.

Have a nice day.

KaHolly said...

I didn't realize you were that much ahead of us! Lucky you. These blossoms ae so hopeful, as well as pretty. ~karen

Kyna said...

Love the plum flowers!

Sally said...

Wow, you looked like that for the Winter Olympics? Pretty impressive!

Last week's snow is slowly melting; 3 more inches over the weekend. But today--54 degrees (12 C)... Not bad!

PSYL said...

Thanks, Hugh, for the mention.

Thanks for naming the flowers. Really helpful.

Pablo said...

So far nothing is happening in my part of the world.

lisa said...

So nice to see beautiful spring flowers this time of year...thank you!