Friday, April 30, 2010

Clash of the Titans. Hedge version.

Here is a hedge--at least I think it's a hedge; it's shaped like a hedge--consisting of an intermingling of Himalayan blackberry and Japanese knotweed, two heavyweight Asian invaders. It may turn out not to have been a good idea--if it's an intentional hedge.


RPS77 said...

Well, if you want a hedge that grows quickly and don't care about anything else, fast-growing invasive plants are a pretty good way to go. If you or anyone else ever wants to get rid of the hedge, then it might not seem like such a great decision anymore. Around here, it's Japanese knotweed and Oriental bittersweet that are probably the most aggressive invasive plants from eastern Asia - and multiflora rose. I don't know whether the knotweed or blackberry would win in a head-to-head contest, but around here I would bet on the Oriental bittersweet to outgrow any other invasive (or native) plant. It can grow right up large trees and eventually kill them by shading out their leaves or breaking their trunks with the extra weight, kind of like English ivy does in your region or Kudzu does in the southeastern USA.

Eskarina said...

If I can only choose between the two, I'll go for the blackberry - at least I can make tasty freezer jam.

I have absolutely no idea why people introduced knotweed; but hey, somebody thought giant hogweed was a good introduction as well.

Karen said...

Eek! I would run away fast before it entwines its evil canes around you and you are never seen again! I saw this once: What are people thinking when they do crap like that??!