Thursday, April 22, 2010


Many things are now growing rapidly, including this chocolate vine (Akebia). I'd better do something about it before it attacks the mailman. It gave me quite a start when I was taking out the trash the other night.

It smells great, sort of like chocolate.


RPS77 said...

You're lucky - when I see a vine growing that vigorously around here, it's usually oriental bittersweet (one of our most aggressive invasive species) or poison ivy (native and non-invasive, but not exactly desirable).

Hugh said...

RP, Our worst invasive vine is probably English Ivy (Hedera). Akebia can be invasive too. I have it in an isolated spot.

Poison ivy is a plant I don't miss. I'm disasterously allergic to it.

RPS77 said...

Hugh -

English ivy does grow around here, but it's not the menace that it is on much of the temperate Pacific Coast. I think that the winters here take quite a toll on the evergreen foliage, which looks half-dead at the end of winter. They probably spend half or more of each growing season recovering from the winter, so they just don't grow nearly as fast. At least that's my theory, totally unsupported by any rigorous scientific evidence that I know of.

Poison ivy is a common intruder at the back part of my garden, where the lot borders a neighboring field with tons of poison ivy growing around the edges. It seriously inhibits weeding, because I'm afraid to go into those areas unless I'm willing to spend the time wrapping myself up in multiple layers of clothes and gloves like I'm going into a hazardous waste zone, and then immediately put everything into an intensive wash cycle and take a long shower as soon as I'm done.

Kyna said...

I think your mailman should start carrying a machete O_O

Kim and Victoria said...

We have two of these vines and we hack at them all the time. Still like them, though.