Thursday, April 15, 2010

Perching birds.

A grab-bag of passeriformes from the past few days.

Cedar Waxwing, most dapper of all local perchers.

On the other hand, Golden-crowned Sparrow.
Wears stained t-shirts and scratches its belly.

Savannah Sparrow. Dainty migrant that sings beyond its weight.

Song Sparrow. Often overlooked, its song is ornithological Classic Rock.

Spotted Towhee. Usually indignant. Bright red eye.


Karen said...

Just got a book today by Donald Kroodsma, "The Singing Life of Birds." Super fascinating! Maybe that towhee thinks you should pay a fee to take your photo...

Eskarina said...

Some nice bird photos, our feathered friends certainly are busy this time of year.
We were surprised yesterday morning by the call of a loon. Looking around we spotted it flying high over head - one more mournful cry and it was gone out of sight. First time I've seen or heard a loon in Richmond. A nice treat, reminiscent of childhood camping trips.

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice, nice pics.