Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too pretty?

My tree peony started blooming on the weekend. It's my only poofy-flowered plant, and I might not have planted it in the first place had I known the extent of its poofiness, but over the years I have become quite fond of it. Its flowering signals the ramping up of the growing season. It also coincides with the first big wave of warblers and migrant sparrows. It is a signal of good things long awaited.

The peony is planted at the front of the lot, near the sidewalk. Again, had I known the extent of its poofiness, I would have planted it somewhere else.

Those big red flowers are just too tempting to those who feel no shame in stealing from another's garden. Today's (would be) thief was obviously an amateur, unaware of the fibrous toughness of a tree peony. He/she just left the bloom hanging there on a mangled stem.

Gee, thanks.


kompoStella said...

just like last year, i marvel at the speed of things on your side.
here, we're still at daffodils level - even though i did smile at cherry blossoms yesterday.
hmm... another thing i miss about BC; the shortness between winter and spring, not having to live through weeks and weeks of light grey waiting.

Karen said...

Lame that people try to steal your flowers. I always think the sign of true manliness is the ability to enjoy a bit of poofiness in the garden. I have serious tree peony envy (not to be confused with anything Freud might have talked about!)

biobabbler said...

I never knew about peonies until Washington state and in front of the house I rented this intense, deep, dark red GIANT FLOWER (and friends) came out of this shrub. I was stunned and instantly in love. I think they're amazing. =) Biological glory. Sorry about the inept thief.

Kim and Victoria said...

Yes, I'm also surprised you have peonies in bloom. We also love those flowers. Sadly, one of our "tree" ones didn't make it through the winter.
Guess the poofiness was just too irresistible. Not nice!

Hugh said...

kompoStella, This year it seems that everything is early. And we scarcely had a winter. Hope you get some colour soon.

Karen, thanks. I poof up my chest. Surely you can grow a nice tree peony there, but it probably wouldn't go unmolested in a sidewalk planting.

biobabbler. Yes, They're quite surprising. I almost feel like asking them to tone it down a bit.

K & V, I hope you didn't lose anything else this winter. Even in this mild climate a few days of harsh cold can claim a few victims.

Garden Lily said...

I have a neighbour with an amazing tree peony, which bears so many flowers he needs to prop the branches due to the weight. I have a lovely white one, which is only in bud yet. It gets more delightful every year. It is safe in my back yard.

RPS77 said...

Peonies are great. I have a few, but of the herbaceous type rather than the tree type. They're probably the second-largest flowers in the garden (the largest being hibiscus).