Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two colours.

Years ago, someone who owned one of the parcels of land that have recently been included within the Terra Nova Rural Park in Richmond had the inspiration to plant two European Beeches side by side.

One is the typical green form, and the other is a copper or purple variety.

Decades later, with their branches intertwined, as their leaves open, they put on a stately show.

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RPS77 said...

There seems to have been a trend for planting copper/purple European beeches in Massachusetts between maybe 80 and 120 years ago, because there are quite a few imposing older specimens but relatively few younger ones. They're beautiful trees, but somebody told me that they became less popular in more recent times both because they grow relatively slowly, and because their deep shade and shallow roots combine to make it very difficult to grow grass underneath them. Most people didn't really start to see lush green lawns as an essential feature of a yard until the mid-20th century, and when that happened, trees that prevented grass from growing well became much less popular.