Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bumblebee on thimbleberry.

Thimbleberry, no bumblebee.

A small bumblebee lands and commences to buzz pollinate.

Multi-coloured with an orange behind. Am I going to spend more than a couple of minutes, after it didn't work on the first run-through, trying to key her out?

No, I am not. Her identity shall remain, at least to me, a mystery.


Karen said...

Oh, that is a cool link, I am bookmarking it. I just spent a long time today observing a bumblebee on one of my lupines. I will have to see if the photos turned out clear enough to try for an ID! If you can't do it, I doubt I can. Still, might be fun to try. Are thimbleberries tasty or just okay? I never did get into salmonberries but I guess if you are hungry in the woods, you take what you can get that's not poisonous!

Hugh said...

Thimbleberries are edible, but a bit bland. They're fuzzy too.

Karen said...

I had some this week. They were not too bad, as long as they were ripe! Definitely a tasty woodland treat. The kids loved them too.