Monday, May 10, 2010

False sandwich.

Solomon's seal, Polygonatum biflorum, is claiming prominence in the back corner. Last fall I dug it up and moved it. Turns out all I did was spread it. I wonder why it is called biflorum. Flower clusters range from one to four in my patch(es).

Star-flowered false Solomon's seal, Maianthemum stellatum, is in the opposite corner, becoming modestly pretty and not doing anything untoward.

Bonus same-day false ingredient: black & white from Woodrat Photoblog.

Back to vrai seal: observe the tiny animal.


Northern Shade said...

I have some Polygonatum commutatum, which are sometimes listed as a variety of P. biflorum and they are variable in the number of flowers too. I love the dangling blooms on them. Although, mine are still just little green shoots poking up.

Victoria said...

Found it!

Karen said...

Had to enlarge to see the critter. I wonder if you put it in a drier site, if it wouldn't spread so much? I had some in my previous garden in fairly dry shade, it never went anywhere. I just planted some Faux SS and am glad to hear it is well-behaved! Both are lovely in your photos.

RPS77 said...

Those are very nice pictures. I have both the "true" and "false" varieties of Solomon's Seal - the "true" one deliberately planted, the "false" one self-seeded. I like them both, though like you said the false Solomon's seal is smaller and doesn't spread the way true Sol. Seal does. I actually wish it did spread - it would probably save me some effort weeding around it!