Sunday, May 2, 2010

Further crumblage.

The birdbath/cake stand today.

My concrete birdbath, whose gradual disintegration led to its reassignment as a planter last September, has continued to erode. Its attached and much admired Mr. Frog is starting to crack too. I have added a second frog to keep him company.

It becomes clearer every day. Nature abhors a concrete birdbath.


RPS77 said...

I like the little "hens and chicks" growing in what used to the the bowl! (At least that's the name that I learned for those little succulent plants that will grow in disintegrating rock or concrete.)

The plants in the right and lower portion of the picture look very much like the wild berries that grow around here (blackberries and raspberries, I think). I hope that they aren't the Himalayan blackberries that cause such a problem in your part of the continent.

Hugh said...

RPS, you have a good eye. Those are salmonberry, same genus as raspberry and blackberry. It's a native plant, not very aggressive. (There's also a feral cherry sapling, bottom right corner, which I will have to move.) Interesting things pop up around bird baths.

Karen said...

I imagine mine is headed that way too, eventually. The planter idea is a good one, I will have to remember that.