Saturday, May 29, 2010

Irrational exuberance.

Bleah. Another rainy, cold, blah day. Waiting for the Cat in the Hat to arrive to liven things up. This Rodgersia flower seems inappropriately perky, waving its pom-poms around.

Rodgersia species have large, exotic foliage. Highly recommended for a shady spot. And they don't mind crappy weather, apparently.


Karen said...

I have been searching for a good spot for one here. Might just have to rip something else out to make room. Lovely! Maybe today we can forget about waiting for that naughty Cat and just go outside. Less rain predicted for us, anyway, so a low tide beach trip is in order. Hope you get out of the house!

Anonymous said...

I trade the blah blah cold day for the heat wave we are having any day! I am not ready for over 30 degrees in May.
Love your simple pictures. That grey bird needs therapy however. What happened to the color in his life.
The cloud picture made me laugh.

Hugh said...

Karen, It's also a very durable plant. Yes, rip out something else! It stopped raining here this afternoon, mostly. I think this late-spring dreariness happens every year to some extent, although this was a worse May than most. June is usually even wetter. Sigh. July 12 is supposed to be the watershed date, when the skies clear and our lawns start browning.

Jennifer, Hi, and thanks! Oh, I would easily trade this murk for 30 degrees C, at least for a few days.