Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stalking the stalker.

Ho-ho, look who's peeking through the hardhack.

I'll just sneak up slowly, and...

... he'll just let me. Can this be the same young Garden City Park heron I've been watching for months, now sporting a white crown (instead of black), becoming all growed-up? If so, he still has a year to go before breeding, which would explain why he is hanging out in a suburban park instead of joining others at a heronry.

This bird is evidently okay with human proximity. This picture was taken from a few feet away, with the zoom scrunched down to its lowest power. He wasn't paying attention to me, was keen on a goldfish.


catmint said...

Hi Hugh, thanks for this lovely post. I hope one day to see another post about this bird really grown up and its chicks. cheers, catmint

Sally said...

Oh yay, a heron! (I'm so missing the Daily Heron-- is it gone for good?)

I think you and he have forged a comfortable relationship. He knows you're just trying to make him famous! ;)

Hugh said...

Catmint, Thanks. It would be interesting to discover which heronry it eventually joins.

Sally, Thank you. Finding herons in breeding season is more difficult than in winter, unless you live close to a heronry (I don't). I'm keeping the Daily Heron online and will likely start posting again sometime after mid-summer.

Karen said...

I miss the DH too! Hope you bring it back. You could always cheat and post old pictures, or links to others' shots, or stills from heron nest web cams, or... well, anyway, let us know if/when it comes back, I liked it a lot!

This guy is funny. Maybe he is a heron teenager, and like human ones, has a false sense of immortality and imperviousness to danger. Did he get the fish?

Sally said...

Great-- that's good news Hugh! I'm getting semi-regular heron fixes now, but will look forward to more of your excellent encounters.