Friday, June 11, 2010

Mad hair day.

Cedar Waxwings at Terra Nova.


Sally said...

They do look pouty, don't they? I think it's that built-in scowl across the eyes.

biobabbler said...

one of my favorite birds. SO stylish and I see them so seldom, every time it's a thrill. Not to mention a test of my hearing re: high frequency. Nice shots! Love the lichen.

Amber Coakley said...

I've had a few bad hair days myself, but never looked as good as this Cedar Waxwing, despite the hair-do.

Kim and Victoria said...

I just love those Waxwings. We get them around here occasionally.

Emily said...

I am back reading your blog. I think it's amazing. You posts always peak my interest.... I have been on maternity leave so not enough PC time. Now the 'time is up' so to speak and I am back to work in Richmond in a few weeks, also back to reading neat blogs like yours.

I get Cedar Waxwings in my holly tree in the spring. They are so neat looking, as if someone took crayons in primary colours and coloured their wing tips. Neat.

I just sold my house in Poco, bought the house across the street. It has a large pond (4 cells, 3 waterfalls), and a very mature garden. I am in bliss land here with all the plants, trees, etc. We had a black bear in our yard last week (whoops, we have raspberries, blueberries, cherries, kiwi, etc), and Mama & baby raccons dipping in our pond at night (whoops, I suppose I have to 'not like that' because they'll tear the pond lining). To make a long story short, I enjoy all the wildlife (and plants).... and birds... that visit my new yard.

Also I like your new blog header. Is that Mt. Baker? The new house in poco has a panoramic Eastern view. So I see that Mountain, aswell as the Golden Ears. (Which really do get golden on sunny evenings, as they reflect the light from the western sunsets).

Your blog is the best.

p.s. I have to get those hummingbird feeders of mine up here too. :)

Hugh said...

Hi Emily, Thanks for the kind words, and congratulations on your new child and new home. It all soumds womderful.