Friday, June 18, 2010


I took the train into V-town for an appointment that should have been done by about 11:30, which would have been fine, allowing me to return home by about 12:30, also fine because I needed to be here in time to get to the school before Sports Day was done at 1:30.

But many small things went awry, adding up to a big thing awry, causing me to end up back in this city at 1 PM, just in time to miss the bus home.

2 miles.

I ran, walked, ran, walked, frequently glancing at my watch. In my pack was my loyal, though sluggish, point-n-shoot, Mr. Hesitation.

I cut through Garden City Park and saw the bird, perched above the foot bridge.

For this I would stop and take a breather. 8 or 9 sluggish clicks.

Ran, walked, ran, walked. Arrived at school exactly on time.

Stressed out, but not when I look at the picture.


Karen said...

Whew, just under the wire, eh? I have done that many times, although usually in my gas hog. Congrats on being such a responsible parent. I used to work with kids and there were folks who had the nerve to show up 30 min. late on a regular basis, since their time was obviously so much more important than mine!

What is that beautiful raptor? Good thing you stopped for a brief rest break!

KaHolly said...

Magnificent capture. He was parked there to give you a minute to pause. ~karen