Monday, July 19, 2010

Flummerfelt Street.

Best Cake Ever.

Today was my birthday.
My wife, son, and daughter made me the Best Cake Ever. It was a lovely day.

This evening, my brother, who lives in Alberta, phoned to say happy birthday. He was on vacation in Ontario with his family, showing his three young sons the town where we lived until I was eight years old. He took them to our old house, our school, the school where our father was a teacher, and so on.

"I showed them Flummerfelt Street," he said.

I was stumped. The name was in my head, but there was no image. "Where is Flummerfelt Street?" I asked.

"The one that Dad always told us was the shortest street in the world."

I still couldn't picture it.

"Where the BP station was."

And then I saw it, and knew exactly where it was. I have been conjuring Flummerfelt Street daily since the oil well went kerblooey, every time I read or heard "BP."

The station is gone according to Google Streetview. I still see it in my memory though, and probably will for some time to come.

On Flummerfelt Street.


Kyna said...

Google streetview maps are pretty cool aren't they? Bring back memories.

Happy Birthday :D

Hugh said...

Thanks, Kyna. I find Google Streetview an incedible time sink. I love wandering around in places I lived, even places I've never been.

KaHolly said...

Birthday wishes from Atlantic Canada! That cake looks yummy. ~karen

Tim said...

happy birthday hugh!

Susannah (Wanderin' Weeta) said...

Happy birthday!

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday! That cake looks great. :)

Karen said...

Hey, happy birthday one day late! That cake rocks. My kid decorated her dad's bday cake a week ago. She had the idea to use gummy candies to make a bicycle and spell out "Dad" in mini M&M's. Pretty sweet when the little ones want to do something to make their parents smile.

I had to ban myself from Streetview. It feels like such an invasion of privacy!