Thursday, August 5, 2010

Iconic first.

Apparently we are in an inferno. Note the weather icon for today. I've not seen that one before. This might explain why the backyard smells like an ashtray.

It just occurred to me that our children have no idea what an ashtray smells like. This is because they have no idea what an ashtray is.

Me: "The air smells like an ashtray."

Them: "What's an ashtray?"

Like watermelon seeds, another commonplace thing from my childhood that is foreign to theirs. In this case, a good thing.


randomtruth said...

Come on! You were supposed to end with: "But smoking that pack of cigarettes to show them really has my head swimming."


Hugh said...

D'oh! A teachable moment squandered.

Cicero Sings said...

My friend and I are agreed that those watermelons with seeds TASTED better!

Big lightning storm at the moment that brought about 5 minutes of rain. Whoop-de-do! Prior the air was THICK/DARK with smoke. Cough sput. Hopefully no new fires. Some big cracks of thunder.

biobabbler said...

awesome (re: don't even know what an ashtray is--well done!). At first I thought the icon was implying it was intolerably hot at 77 dF, and I was about to protest, but then realized it meant, as you said, smoke-city. Hope your breathing goes well, and you can enjoy the trippy sunsets and sunrises. =)

Hugh said...

CS, Thinking of you. You're in the thick of it. I enjoy thunderstorms, but not when they threaten to burn the place down. Stay safe. I agree about the watermelons.

Biobabb, Not unbearably smoky here at ground level; most of it is high altitude. I even went for a long bike ride. Yes, the sunsets are trippy. Thanks.

Garden Lily said...

I often tell my kids tales of the watermelons with seeds you could spit out, and how they tasted even more wonderful. I wish the store would offer them again - I'd rush out excitedly and buy one (just like when I was a kid, we were excited to find the seedless variety).

I keep hoping it will rain hard some night, and water the yard. The rain and thunderstorm forecast seems to keep slipping further out every time I look.

Kyna said...


'Today's forecast? Fire. Lots of it. With a 30% chance of brimstone.'

Karen said...

Good thing. I've never seen "local smoke" in a forecast before, another thing I hope they don't have to know about! My kid won't even eat watermelon with the white "non-seeds" - what would she do with the real ones?!