Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blue bounty.

Big Blue, my towering blue elderberry, has produced its most abundant crop yet. Its long branches are bowed by the weight. I never do anything with the berries, which are more seed than flesh. I leave them to the birds, who clear them away by the end of October.

This month's Festival of the Trees, presented by Peg at Orchards Forever, is a fall fruit edition, and includes links to fruits of many kinds, most of which are much more delectable than elderberries. Go pick some.


Amber Coakley said...

That's a LOT of elderberries! I keep going back to the idea of planting an elderberry bush around my house, but haven't done it yet. I have a similar scenario with my Texas Persimmon tree - more seed than flesh. I don't have a great crop this year, but whatever I do get (they are ripening now), I'll put out for the birds. Or whatever night critters come out to get them!

Sally said...

When I was a kid, someone used to make elderberry pie... not bad, really, and the seeds just add texture.

Feeding the birds is a noble goal, but did you miss my super-easy cordial recipe? Works with elderberries, and offers interesting flavors.