Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Strongly dispersive.

Dear Elderly Lady and Yapping Dog,

The man on the bike, in the helmet and bike glasses, who skidded to a stop in front of your bungalow, alarming you, seeming to stare at length through your front window, was not in fact staring through your front window. You could not tell, but he was actually staring above your house at a bird in a tree, a bird he had never seen before. It was one of these.

The Eurasian collared-dove is described as being "strongly dispersive." It has dispersed its way from Central Asia through mainland Europe to the UK. It appeared in the Bahamas in 1980 or so, and from there hopped to Florida. Becoming established in that state, it dispersed throughout North America and first appeared in BC in about 2005. It since has crossed the strait to Vancouver Island, and has spread north.

I hope this explains things.


KaHolly said...

Hugh, you are too funny. But how many times, when studying a bird, do we look as though we are infringing on someone's privacy? One time, when my sister and her husband were visiting our dad in TX from New England, they went about with binoculars at the ready at all times. Engaged in a walk through the neighborhood and to the fields beyond, they were approached by the police for looking through their binocs in peoples yards, etc. Turns out, my dad was playing a practical joke on them. Certainly does leave you wondering how others perceive our behaviors!

Kim and Victoria said...

Ha ha!
We're seeing those collared doves here too. But I don't go around staring at houses. :-)

biobabbler said...

Hee. I love that. 1) congrats on your sighting! 2) SO been there, seemingly staring SUPER rudely at neighbors when actually peering at mysterious raptor in tree above their house, etc. I feel like at those times I should wear a hat with large letters spelling out "BIOLOGIST" to explain my (occasionally) unexpected behavior. Nice job spotting the bird!