Monday, October 25, 2010

Orange October.

October means low morning light, turning the world orange on sunny mornings.  It also means later sunrises, allowing, ahem, later risers to observe the colour-shifted world.  Even telephone poles become attractive, a bit.
And a flicker, whose favourite perch is the top of the pole, becomes gilded,  which is not to say it is a Gilded Flicker.

That was yesterday.  Today presented October's other face.

 Pumpkins in the rain.

We are in the midst of quite a strong weather system, with a very deep low off the coast of Vancouver Island creating massive waves.  Read about it (and check out the cool satellite image) on Cliff Mass' Weather Blog.

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Urban Wild said...

Nice flicker photo. We have this lovely low light in the morning now, too--it singes the tops of the trees with orange fire and makes their fall crowns burst into spectacular flame.