Monday, October 4, 2010


Autumn is when spiders

and weather conspire

to do neat stuff.


Karen said...

So many opportunities to see them this year - love the soft-focus tapestry of foliage in the background here. What do the spiders do in winter? Hibernate? Die? Some of the ones in my garden are as big as I've ever seen them grow. I have been irritating them by pruning off dead flower spikes and inadvertently ruining their handiwork. I always apologize!

Kim and Victoria said...

Love your pics. We had a great spiderweb on our hops vine but I could never get a good shot of it.

Hugh said...

Karen, the females produce a silk-wrapped egg case and then die. The spiderlings hatch in the spring. At this time of year the females can be quite large. I always apologize too. Must be like losing a big file.

K & V, Thanks. They can be tough to photograph. Autofocus generally misses them, and if the depth of field is shallow, you have to pretty-much have the camera plane paralle to the web. They don't often build them in a way that makes things easy.

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Amazing photos... always in the mood for a good spider web shot...thanks for sharing - glad to have stumbled on your site from the Nature Blogs Network. We're two field wildlife biologists new to the network and looking forward to following your adventures :)